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Testimonials About Released Encouragement

Ministry & Keisha "Been Released" Wade

These Testimonials were taken from my Facebook Page

Amen Thank you Keisha you have been encouraging and uplifting to me since I started this journey and I just wanna personally tell you Thank you!❤️~A. Johnson Williams

Beautiful Woman of God. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and how blessed I am to be a part of this group. I don't look at these as "Posts "but as words from the Lord. Thank you for being obedient, thank you for being open, thank you for the word, thank you for the anointing. I pray God's continued presence in your life. The word is ALWAYS right on time. I love you sis. ❤🙏❤ ~N. Logan~

I just want to thank God for every storm I've been through every person I've came across because I know all these things was only to get me to the place I'm at now in life. A good friend of mine Keisha Wade always told me to pray to be lined up with the right people. I did that and ain't nothing like having people of God in your life. ~W. Mangum~

Praise the Lord..called and Chosen..God knows those who are His you are Blessed and highly favored ..God is pleased with you & your work He has Blessed you to be a Blessing, and you are.God has a plan for your life just as He had a plan for Jeremiah's life in Jeremiah 1:4-8 God knew Jeremiah before he was born..God had planned work for Jeremiah even then..God would help Jeremiah do the work He had for him ..Jeremiah had to trust God and do His work..Jeremiah was a special person ,you are special to God to..God chose you because He knew you would do His work and bring Glory to Him..I know God will be pleased with your work..continue to strive to please God you will be a success..God Bless you woman of God..God's called and Chosen one ..God's Vessel..I know you will fulfill your in Christ Jesus. ~S. Bibbs~

Amen....thank you for helping me to embrace my Spirituality at its highest God placed you in my life and id like to futher my relationship with your ministry. ~P. Henderson~

Nothing like positive people and encouraging people because what you hang around begins to rub off on you be very very careful. Of the company you keep. Big shout out to Keisha Wade I love this lady and thank God for our paths crossing. ~W. Mangum~

I love all your encouraging words. I feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Thank you so much! ~K. Adams~

Thank you for what you do Keisha ! I need crazy "good"(calling it out ) life spoke into and over my life and your ministry helps do that. ~S. Harber~

I sat here reading your quote and as I read, I started letting people, circumstances and situations in my life go. I let go. I am only the branch. I can do nothing without the vine. I can't change things but God can. Thanks again sister for a right now word from our Father God. I take His peace and rest in the finished work of Jesus. Hallelujah. ~R. Artis~

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