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Released Encouragement Gift Shop

Been Released (Book-Stay Encouraged)

Are you ready to be Transformed, to be set free and to be Released? This book "Been Released" will Encourage, Uplift, Inspire, and Guide you to get through what you are going through. It's time for you to come into your Healing, Breakthroughs, Promises, and Blessings that God has for you.

Faith Journey eBook 

Faith Journey is a 31 day devotional eBook to encourage you to keep going and have faith and trust in God as you start to Take a Leap of Faith! Your Faith in God will Produce Blessings in your life, and it’s going to be greater than you could ever imagine. Continue to have Faith as God leads you in your Faith Journey!​

The Faith Journey ebook is only in digital format and will be sent in your email when purchased and paid.

Words of Encouragement 

Note-Taking Journal: 

A note-taking book designed to keep all of your notes from sermons in one place. It's a great size paperback book to fit inside your bible or to carry in your bag. You are able to take notes and reflect back to the "Words of Encouragement" that you wrote that ministered to you throughout the week. This book is great for church, conferences, small group and bible study use.


*Two "Words of Encouragement" quotes, quoted by the author (cover of book and the last page of the book)

*Includes space to write date, speaker name, key scripture, subject, and words of encouragement

Get Wisdom & Get Understanding

31 Devotionals from the "Book of Proverbs"

Been Released (Goal Setting Workbook- Invest In My Purpose)

It's time that you invest in your Vision, Goals, Dreams and Purpose. Included in this workbook:

-goal setting -Purpose worksheet and Calendar -Devotionals 

Purpose Journal

As you write in your own personal journal, you will be able to Write the Vision, Make it Plan and Run with it.... Includes Biblical Scriptures, Word of Encouragement, and a take it with you Purpose board

All Four Books of Encouragement

 Been Released- (Stay Encouraged Book) Been Released-(Workbook- Invest In My Purpose) Purpose Journal (personal journal) Get Wisdom & Get Understanding (Devotionals)-4 items- 

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